“And nature stood up and said – there was a man ……” Bimal Dey the traveler, Bimal Dey – the philanthropist – Bimal Dey the self taught philosopher. It is difficult to really introduce a man who is multi faceted to say the very least. Not one to be hemmed in by convention or mundane expectation, he began and continued with life on his own terms. As a young child the vistas and wonders of the world beckoned and with alacrity he answered. Life has been a miraculous opportunity to learn and give back to the Almighty – that is ultimately what he has always striven for.

Dry tomes, mere philosophical meanderings are not what he has propagated or aims to impart to his innumerable fans all across the globe. It is just as important to have a healthy body as it is to have a healthy mind. To that end, he has discoursed in almost every corner of the world on yoga and the manifold benefits that result. A true giver – this is a man who gives of himself and materially is associated with charities and personally ensures that the bereft, the sad get a better deal in lfe.

Bimal Dey exemplifies – Give, give and give till it hurts for there are so many to whom you have not given. incalculable accolades and honours the man retains a simplicity that is a beacon for anyone who aims to be a success – materially and spiritually.

For his acquisition of wisdom at close range through personal care and human lives subjected to vagaries of nature as the globe-trotter of eminence. Bimal Dey has served the United Nations for more than 18 years. He believes travel moulds human life upon exchanged ideas and available resources.

Success of global economy rests on mutual understanding.

Indian peninsula remains the rendezvous for spiritual knowledge.

He lectures quite frequently on community healthcare, welfare and developments in adventure sports at home and abroad.

His travelogue titles (English and French) were brought out by Les Libellules (France) as well as Penguin India, Adi Dey Book Stores & Publications and  Lokbharti Prakashan (India).

He had been the recipient of Man of the Year, Peace Messenger and Millennium Traveler awards. He has been the member of the American Polar Society, the British Polar Heritage, the TrueWorld Order Canada, and the International Association of Educators for World Peace (Alabama).

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